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What identifies us is the way we see the worlds of work and commerce and how we would like it to change. Let us show you our vision of money and value, of short distribution chain commerce, and of timeless Italian craftsmanship.

Today we know the price of everything and the value of nothing

Oscar Wilde
What is value to you?
For us, value of things is as big as the time dedicated to create them as well as the care and professionalism employed by those who create.
This is also true for the value of money that was earned dedicating your capabilities to your work overtime. When you buy a good, make sure you are exchanging it for the fruit of your capabilities and your time for something equivalent.

Truth does not allow for middlemen, it can only be transmitted directly.

The short distribution chain allows the artisans to directly and naturally transmit the value of their products to their clients. The consumerist market model we are used to includes third-party intermediations,
which even though they increase the price of the product, they don’t increase its value. With use of the internet, these intermediates are no longer necessary, and the artisans can restore the relationships with their clients.

The art of Italians is in beauty.

Kahlil Gibran

Our shoes are entirely manufactured in Italy by Italian hands using materials produced in Italy. On top of this, ‘Made in Italy’ is for us not only the geographical origin of our footwear, but also

the whole style and culture of doing characteristic of this land. The choice of materials, colours, design of models, all is chosen for its intrinsic ability to represent the Italian lifestyle
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The above scheme represents the two different selling channels: the conventional one, which we have become used to, and the more innovative one.
The first involves intermediate steps that continuously increase the cost of the product but not its value. Most of the final selling price serves to cover expenses for commercials, intermediators, points, management, and salary of all the subjects involved in these phases.

The second channel, thanks to the innovative use of the web and to the shortening of the distances, means the same product is sold directly to the client. The final price is in this case much lower and mostly covers the costs of manpower and the materials used, sole elements that give value and virtue to the shoe

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