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The founding associates of the Directus project, Leonardo Platania & Edoardo Gagliardi.

Their personal history is one of two young, Italian graduates (a biologist and an architect, respectively) who found themselves faced with an unfortunate problem well-known to many in our country: the scarcity of opportunities offered by the Italian job market. Immigrating to Germany, they were immediately able to access their working fields, practicing their professions with success and recognition.

However, throughout these tasking years of “brain drain”, their sense of belonging and pride for their country never abated, but only grew stronger. Following their enterprising spirit and desire to return to their home country, an opportunity was presented to work with the family company, which for more than 20 years has produced high quality, handmade shoes. Their company, though, had no personal brand nor a direct distribution channel to sell its product to the labels of Italian and international high fashion.

The two founded a company in the heart of Europe with the aim to create the brand Directus. Through their work, they activated a new and privileged selling channel to make it possible that their footwear can travel directly from the manufacturer to a customer who will wear them.

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