Monday, 25 September 2017 12:24
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We know how to make shoes, and we know it because we have been making them for 25 years and this is the reason why our customers choose us. 

In all these years our laboratory was engaged in producing shoes for other brands, some of which being very famous. Today, what we present you, are the first seven models signed DIRECTUS. What these models represent for us is the start of a path, the beginning of a new story.

The production of these seven models gave work to 37 italians for an average time of 3 days. Italian people specialized in production and tanning of leathers, in production of soles, in assembling of the various leather components, till the ones that made the packages that will deliver our shoes to you. Each single part of what you will get home was produced in Italy.

For this reason, we can tell you that it is not only the simple owning a pair of our shoes that will give you pleasure, that will make you feel like better people, but also the understanding that your money will be distributed among those 37 artisans to fairly compensate their professionality, their passion and their time.

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